1992 (PART 1)

This is a photo of me when I was a few years older at our home in Australia.


Nineteen ninety-two… just like every other year, many things happened, little things, big things, and one of them was this…

Here in Australia, it was a spring day on the 24th of September. The lives of two parents were about to change. Both were born and raised in Malaysia and both are the youngest in their family. They did not have experience in taking care of a younger sibling and neither did they need to bother about being responsible. One was from a Christian family and the other was from a buddhist background. And both had a free, fun, adventurous and interesting life. Both, did not have any “hospital related” experience. My mum’s background was a very interesting one (I won’t go into details here), she was a model and there were people who knew about it. So, when I was born, there were people who said that she would leave or run away. And you know what? I actually do agree. If she didn’t know God or haven’t had a relationship with Him, I strongly believe that she would have left imediately.

If you didn’t know this, now I will tell you, when babies are born they have this thing called, jaundice, so when I was born, I had jaundice too. But the difference between me and other newborn babies was, mine never left me. My skin and my eyes stayed yellow for years and years (13 years). My parents were worried, so they told the doctors and the doctors did some test on me, but they didn’t know what was the problem. So, I was referred to The Royal Children’s Hospital. Here, the same thing happened, the doctors did many tests, to cut the story short, they finally figured out the problem. In that spring month of the year 1992, I was diagnosed with……….

1992 (PART 2)

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