1992 (PART 2)

I was diagnosed with… Alagille Syndrome.

Now, my parents had a 2 year old toddler (my brother) and me. And you would think that it was going to be extra tiring now that they have another baby to take care of, you are right. Not only was it tiring, because I was a “special”, high need baby, it was even harder to care for me. I had this feeding tube that I kept on pulling in the middle of the night and then every night my parents will have to go to the emergency to get it fix. This was one of many other headaches that they had to go through.

Even from a very young age, my slowness in everything was showing, my height, my learning pace… until my parents even thought that I was going to grow up as a midget. And they were also worried about wether I’ll start walking or not. As the years went by, my slowness continued showing. And as I continue writing, I will explain and tell you more about other issues too. Other issues (that came with the Alagilles Syndrome package) like, my liver, my eyes and ears, my heart and my bones. I will also share how God, my Heavenly Father has been so awesome to me!


Above is a photo of me and my brother…..

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