Hello again 🙂 So, this post is going to be a brighter and a happier one. I’m going to tell you about my first friends.

Before I met my first friends, I had two things that I wanted 1) “I wish I was normal” and 2) I wanted a friend. But compared to the first one, this second “want” didn’t last very long. Why? Because I met my first friends!

After attending GTPJ (a church in Malaysia) for a few years, my parents finally decided to attend a cell group. We met a lot of really nice, new people here and I met three new friends. And if you read my 1992 post you would know that my skin was yellow because I had jaundice. And so, during this time when I first met these girls, I was still looking yellow and looking pretty sick. My eyes were yellow and my skin was yellow. Despite my strange look, these girls were still my friends, they still hanged out with me. They invited me over to their house, they talked to me, they played with me, they included me in everything. How did I feel? Oh, I was on top of the world! I never for once stop to worry and wonder about people not liking me or think that I wasn’t worth anything. In these years when I was with them, I felt wanted and I felt loved. Not for a second I thought of wanting a friend, I mean, why would I want or need a friend when I had three fantabulous friends?! Oh, you have no idea how thankful and grateful I am for my first friends! “It is because of You God, that i knew these girls. It is because of You they showed me love. It is because of You, I was their friend and got to experience their goodness towards me.”

Here is a photo of us, from the top left to the bottom right, Tze-Lin, Charisse, Nikki and Michelle.


Hmm, now that I’m thinking back, you know they actually could have treated me badly, if they wanted to. They could have disliked me and not be so nice to me. They can just pretend to smile at me in front of their parents and then just ignore me when the adults are out of sight. But, they didn’t =)

Thank you girls for including me, accepting me and not looking down on me. Thanks for making me feel so… human and not alienated. I’ll always remember the four of us, no matter how old I am/we are and no matter where I am/we are in life (hmm, unless I get Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia when I’m old, then I guess I might forget us…)!


Here is a picture of us (Tze-Lin is not pictured here… she’s all the way in Canada), on the 25th of December 2015 at GTPJ!

Thanks for reading and God bless!

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