There I was, wishing that I was normal (I wish I was normal) and then meeting my first friends whilst I was living in Malaysia. The little me was in between two rocks, a not-so-happy one and a happy one. And since the happy rock was the bigger one, the other rock stayed the same, it didn’t grow any bigger, at least for now. Many other things happened too. A lot of good memories. One of them was spending time with my mum’s side of the family. We would celebrate Chinese New Year together and had my cousins sleepover at our house and so on. We also spent time with my dad’s side of the family too, which is a double bonus because both sides of the family are about the same huge-ness, meaning I had (and still have) two big extended family. Another good memory was having friends in school. At this particular school I had two friends who were prefects! Can you believe it? Now that I’m thinking back, I myself actually can’t believe it. Hmm, but I think I may know why they were my friends…

Meanwhile, whilst I had a lot of friends (and a lot of great times with my extended family), I had a taste of what it was like to be bullied at school. I was accused of cheating in a game and was threatened by my fellow classmates (which led to me crying right in front of them). But yes, even though I had my first few taste of these unhappy incidents, I was hurt (of course), but it wasn’t so serious to the point where it affected me emotionally, mentally and socially. I was hurt only for a moment and it only lasted for a day. You know what I mean right? I was only a young girl and as I said earlier, the happy rock was bigger than the not-so-happy rock. So, when in Malaysia there were many fantastic memories. I was born in Australia, but I call Malaysia my home too. I love Australia, but I also love Malaysia very much. I truly love my family (my mum’s side of the family), I love all the friendships that was made at school, at church and lastly, I luuurve the food there (oh, so yum yum in my tum tum)! =P

My health was deteriorating. In fact……….


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