21 (PART 1)

Before I begin, there are two questions that I’d like to put out, “What did I wanted to do?” and “What stopped me from doing it?”

On the night of the 23rd of September, my Uncle threw a party for me. My extended family and one of my good friends was there with me to celebrate my 21st birthday. I was extremely happy. I wanted this. And now, it’s actually happening, my 21st birthday, in Malaysia, with my mum’s side of the family, and with one of my firstfriends from GTPJ! I couldn’t believe it. Then, midnight came, and I officially turned 21.





Days later, we flew back home. And then, something changed, something was different and something started to happen…

I remember one particular day when I was in high school, I vowed to myself to never take a course that involves using the computer for loooooong periods of time. And I agreed with myself. But guess what? Later down the road, I ended up doing graphic design. “Seriously Nikki?” And that was the year 2013 (the same year as my 21st birthday party at Malaysia).
Before me and my family went to Malaysia in September, in the beginning of the year when I started my design course, I was already disliking it. I didn’t know why I was doing this course. I thought I promised myself not to do this kind of course where it involves using the computer for loooooong periods of time. I didn’t know how this course can help others. I didn’t know why I was stuck in this situation. Plus, my drawing was the crappest, my eye couldn’t tell blue from green (I’m colour blind), my creativity capacity was the lowest and in short it was like a mini disaster. And when September came, I had a 3 week break from the mini disaster. And when we came back the disaster wasn’t mini anymore, instead it went up and up. And when the next year (2014) came, it when even higher!

21 (PART 2)

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