“Who am I going to be? Will I get married? What am I doing? What’s the future going to be like? Am I on the right path? Why survive everything? Why am I still alive? There must be a reason right? How am I going to die? When will I pass away (yes, I do ask these questions too)?”

Have you ever wondered about what the future’s going to be like? Do you have any dreams, you know, things that you want to do when you grow up. Do you ever think that there’s a possibility that you’re going to live in an apartment/one bedroom house all by yourself? Have you ever worried about your friends or families? Do you have a desire, a passion, a wish, a dream, in your heart? Do you have a vision? Do you have a mission in life? Do you have an ultimate goal or maybe just a simple goal? Do you have something that you truly want, but it’s so far away that you can’t even see it or reach it!

For me, it’s……….



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