21 (PART 6)

As we were driving pass the huge, “Wicked The Musical” poster, I remember thinking to myself, “I really, really want to see this! Too bad I have no friends to go with and no money to afford it.” This was back in 2008. I was really down and especially the fact that, once again I had no friends to go anywhere or to do anything with. And if you someone were to tell me, “Nikki, listen to me. Six years later, you will get to see this musical. You will be going with a friend from school and you will both be buying VIP tickets to the show.”



Just in case you were wondering why is there no one, let me tell you why. We were early, super early. And I was super duper excited!!! Anyways, where was I? Oh ya, I would have never, ever, ever believed that, especially the VIP tickets.

I think, until today I really still can’t believe this actually happened. =O =D And so, this was one of the many sweet memories that was made in the year 2014. God had granted my wish, in the midst of my darkest place.

Next up, how come I’m still alive (and well) today? I wanted to die and I thought of cutting my wrist, so why didn’t I do it? What stopped me? Who stopped me?

21 (PART 7)

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