Hang on a second there, before you start reading this post, it is advised that you use a laptop or a computer to read this. And by “this”, I mean the handwriting from my mum’s notebook. I mean, unless you have super vision, then go ahead and continue reading on your mobile 🙂

My mum’s the best 🙂 Since the day I was diagnosed with Alagille Syndrome… don’t know what Alagille Syndrome is? Read 1992 (PART 2). My mum has been the number one (out of the 4 other family members) at caring, nursing, supporting, worrying, loving, sacrificing, helping etc, etc and, writing about me. And so, I want to share some of the pages from my mum’s notebooks, starting with the 2nd of February, 2005. Why start here? You may ask. Well, because lately I have been writing about my primary school experiences in NEW and THE START OF SOMETHING NEW. So, I thought I’d start off with showing you this first (mid 2004 and 2005, which is my primary school years)…



In case you were wondering who “N” was, it’s me, short for “Nikki”. Also, if you haven’t noticed, some of the words/lines/sentences have been blacked out for privacy/confidential reasons 🙂








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