My mum was born in Malaysia, she is the youngest of 6 siblings and being the youngest, she automatically became the most pampered child. As a result, she grew up kind of “spoilt”. She didn’t need to take care of anyone or be responsible for anything, let alone doing housework. Now you can see that growing up, she had no experience in looking out for others or caring for anyone.

 My mum lived freely, and was a little on the wild side too. She liked to hang out with her gang of friends, often laughing and making fun of others (including Christians) during her high school years.

When she was in her 20s, after quitting her job in her cousin’s credit and leasing company, she enrolled herself in a modelling course and became a freelance model afterwards. And for several years she travelled, and met with all kinds of people while doing catwalks, posing for magazines and newspapers, TV commercials and some small roles in acting too. She even won a few beauty contests like, Miss Menard, Miss Leggy, Miss Malaysia (finalist a few times) and many more…

 As you can see, with the little bit of background here, of what my mum used to be like, no one in this kind of history would be able to get “locked up” far away in a foreign land (Australia), suffering culture shock, language barrier, food barrier and most of all sudden shocking change of lifestyle, that is having to clean, cook, serving her husband, taking care of my brother and to make things even more worse, before she could fully adjust herself to the new change of environment, here comes me, Nikki, into her already chaotic life.

 Anyone in her shoes would have ran far, far, away! To cut the story short, she endured and persevered all these hardships because she knew how to draw strength from Jesus Christ, her Lord and Saviour (she gave her life to Jesus Christ, shortly before she migrated to Australia). Thank you Lord for transforming my mum to be a kind and caring person now.

 I am so blessed that I can call my mum a true born-again Christian, committed, caring, supportive and always sacrificing, because in Christ, she has been enriched in every way (1 Corinthians 1:4-5).

God is so good!!




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