Lonely Girl was the first song I wrote about those lonely years I had in school when I was a lonely girl. Every word and every sentence of this song is exactly what I thought and felt when I was in primary (and high) school. And here’s a short description of it…

For years, I was bullied and shunned by my peers. There were also a few incidents where I was threatened and accused by them too. And each time I was bullied I would ask myself “Why?”, or “Why are they doing this to me?”, and “Did I do something wrong?”, or “What did I do for them to be so mean to me?”… questions would run through my mind. As time went by I began to question myself and told myself that maybe I was the problem. I began to blame myself. Eventually, I was absolutely convinced that I was a loser. The reason why people didn’t like me was because I wasn’t good enough. I thought I wasn’t pretty enough and cool enough. To top it off, I was also convinced that I was worthless, useless and unloved……….

Fast forward to today, God has blessed me with an almost ten-year friendship with my best friend from high school (est 2009)!



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