For the first time in my life, my liver was functioning normally. I looked healthy, meaning I wasn’t yellow no more! Yes, no more yellow skin, no more yellow eyes.

After being in the hospital for weeks! I finally was able to go home. And as I walked in, I saw a new, neat and tidy room ready for me. My mum had cleared it and cleaned it for me. The room was free from dust and dirt, it had to be, because even though I was allowed to go home I was still recovering. So, I had to be careful to not get sick or be near a sick person. If I ever wanted to go anywhere, I had to wear a mask (which I disliked). Now that I had my liver transplant and I looked much more normal-ler, I was hoping things would be different at school. Okay, I wasn’t having high hopes or anything, it was just a little, small, tini tiny hope. A little hope that maybe, just maybe, things will be different. I may or may not have friends. I mean, now that I don’t look like a yellow alien. So maybe things will be different. I was, again, a little bit, a tini tiny bit, excited to go back to school. And well, you know what the song says, “don’t wish, don’t start. Wishing only lose the heart.” I went back to school with an expectant heart, but yeah, things were the same, no friends, more tears. And at that time, at that moment when (again and again) I sat down on the floor by myself, I thought, ‘why, why, why”. “Why are things still the same at school?” All I saw was the current situation that I was in, and I guess, it was very easy for me to fall into it, to believe in it, to trust in it. At that time, I didn’t know that what I was going through was for a greater cause, a greater purpose. I didn’t know that, soon God was going to pick me up and take me out of that forever loop (that was what I thought to be at that time. I thought my no-friends-schooling-days would forever stay like that). “I give up!” I thought to myself. And yes, I did give up until one year, out of nowhere that passion, that, “I must make friends!” thought came to my mind. But let’s save this for another post.

As I went through the remaining year of grade 6, I continued to walk around the school alone. And thanks to the very nice library teacher, I was able to go to the library during lunch time. Yep, it was only open for me (she says proudly and happily). It was like God watching out for me, sending a really lovely teacher and giving me special treatment. And looking back at it now, thanks to those countless library visits I fell in love with reading! I remember reading the Baby-Sitters Club all the time! And oh, I loved all the books by Enid Blyton, especially the mystery ones. I also read the Mary-kate and Ashley books too. Okay, getting out of topic here, but as I was saying, God was looking after me despite the things that I was going through. You know, in that time of loneliness, confusion, heartache and total sadness, He gave me books, He gave me a new interest. And that interest is still with me until today, reading. I don’t know, but there’s just something about reading that makes me happy, especially if you read fiction books, it takes you to another place. And then if you read biographies (which is my favourite), you get to know the person, his/her life. You get to learn something, It is so, my cup of tea. It is because of my interest in reading, I created a game (ask me in person if you’d like to know about it J ) which I made and played myself, that, in a way, took some of my sadness off for a little while. And listen to this, it’s because of my liking in reading, the thought of writing my own story (this was waaay before this website came about) was planted in my head.

At last, my primary school days was over. Goodbye 2006, hello 2007, also known as, hello high school (Year 7).


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