Blue Days

Blue days are days that I dislike the most! I’ve had many of these days before and so one day while I was in it again I was inspired to make a big blue mess.


And a big blue mess was exactly what I felt like on that day. I don’t know about anyone else but for me I find that blue days are hard. Blue days are tough to get by. Blue days are depressing God. Blue days are challenging. On blue days I worry more. On blue days I doubt You more. On blue days I wonder more. On blue days I think negatively more…

Of course we wish life was easy right? I’d like it if everything was just sunshines and butterflies. I’d love it if feeling down and discouraged wasn’t a thing. Truth is, “It ain’t possible mate”. As long as we’re here in this world trouble is definitely a thing (John 16:33). So are we just stuck on our own whenever we feel sad?

One thing I know and God confirmed to me was simply this. “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6). That day as I was in the middle of a blue day I was reminded that even on these days He is still with me and He will still be with me. He’s not going to run away or fly away to the next person and just ditch us. No no no. Once God’s hand is holding you He will never let go no matter what.

Blue days are days that grow my faith. Blue days are days that bring me to You God. Blue days are days that allow Your love and peace to rest on me even more. Blue days are days when I can show my Master that I still trust Him, I still believe in Him, I still put my hope in Him, I still thank Him, I still praise Him, I still come to Him in prayer and I am still open to Him. Blue days are still purposeful. Blue days are still meaningful. Blue days are still to come and though I hate them but I love how You will be with me on those days God.   

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