God, You know how couples and people who are in a relationship have their song? They say, “This is our song…” and it could be “A Whole New World” or any other lovey dovey couply songs.

Or, there’s also couples where he would write, or sing, and dedicate a special song to her. He will be like, “Babe, this song is specially for you.”

Am I right?

Well, God, today I want to officially dedicate a song to You, to us. My Heart is Yours (by Passion) is our song. Every word. Every line. Every sentence. Every paragraph. Is what I pray for. This is not the first time I’m saying this God. And this won’t be the last time either. Let this song be the reminder.


(If you haven’t heard the song before it goes something like this, press play.)

You are the reason I’m still alive Lord. And from the very beginning my life was already Yours. So take it all God. Decide my future. Decide my life. Decide when I should rise. Decide when I should fall. Decide, also, my death. Decide when You want me to spend eternity with You.

My life is Yours. So take it all.

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