Not gonna lie, but um, I have laughed at God before. In fact, I have laughed at Him more than once in my life and I am pretty sure that you have laughed at Him too.

“Why all this commotion and weeping? The child isn’t dead; she’s only sleeping.” The crowd laughed at him. -Mark 5:39-40

One Sunday morning the worship team was singing Do It Again by Elevation Worship, which is one of my favourite songs btw. As we were singing it in church I felt the Holy Spirit (God) touching my heart, which leads me now to typing about the devotion that I have been reading these past few days. I have been going through a devotion called Do It Again and if you were wondering, yes, I did intentionally search for Bible plans under this title because of that Sunday (5 days ago to be exact). That’s why both the song and the devotional have the same title. I was curious and wanted to know why I was touched by the Holy Spirit while singing that song. It wasn’t the first time I’ve heard this song. I have heard it before on the radio, on my phone, so why was it different this time?

image from YouVersion Bible app

Today is day 5 and part of today’s devotion I read Mark 5:35-42 (Luke 8:49-55). This passage is about a daughter who is dead. When Jesus heard about this He went to Jairus’ house (the father of the dead daughter). When Jesus arrived He saw the people weeping and wailing. Seeing this commotion Jesus said, “Why all the commotion and weeping? The child isn’t dead she is only sleeping.” But when the people heard what Jesus said, “the crowd laughed at Him”, and this is where the passage stood out to me. This is the part where I can relate to. I can understand why the people were laughing at Jesus. I can put myself in their shoes. Also, I can’t blame them for laughing at Jesus. I realise that I can’t point my fingers at them and say, “Why did they laugh at Jesus?” or “Do they know who He is?” or “Do they know who’s talking?” or “They shouldn’t have done that.” or “Have a little faith people!” Instead, I have to admit that I am just like them and I have reacted that way before, I have “laughed” before. The word laugh reminded me of Sarah (Abraham’s wife). When she heard that she would have a child, despite her old age, she laughed (Genesis 18:10-12). Sarah was laughing in disbelief. She laughed because she didn’t believe that she was going to have a child. When we go back to Mark 5:39-40, we see the same thing happening. The crowd laughed in disbelief. They were probably thinking Jesus was crazy and what a silly thing He was saying. So they laughed at Him. Indirectly, they didn’t have faith in God. Indirectly, they thought that their human mind knew it all. Indirectly, they thought that what they are seeing is what the truth is and indirectly they were living by sight, not by faith. It’s sort of like naturalism. Sometimes we live our lives relying on our physical eyes so much that what we see right now is the only truth, or what we see in front of us now we think that it will stay this way forever and that nothing is going to change. When this happens we are discarding the supernatural power of God. We are excluding Him and forgetting that He is God, the miracle worker (John 2:1-11), the God of making the impossible possible (Matthew 19:26). He is God who raises the dead (John 11:38-44), the God who holds the key to death and life (read the book of Revelation), the God who split the seas (Exodus 14) and the God who moves mountains (Mark 11:23-24). He is God who created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1). So in their (Sarah and the crowd) laughter they were doubting God and in my laughter I am doubting God. And right now I know that there are things in my life that I am laughing about, laughing with unbelief in my heart. I know now that I am indirectly laughing at God, thinking like the crowd, thinking like Sarah, thinking things aren’t possible. I need to ask myself, “Why did you laugh at God?” and “Do you know who God is?” and “Do you know who’s talking to you?” and “You shouldn’t have done that.” and “Have a little faith Nikki!”

Have you laughed at God before? In the past? Now? Have you laughed at Him in unbelief? Are you laughing at Him with unbelief? Because if you are I know that it is okay to laugh, or to have doubt. Everyone doubts. I know I have a list of things that I am doubtful about but I also know that our doubts are not too big for God to handle. Even in our doubts He is still faithful. Even in our doubts God will still meet us where we are, God will meet our needs. Gideon, a man in the Bible, doubted himself and his abilities but God still chose him and came to him (Judges 6). Thomas was a doubter, he doubted that Jesus rose from the dead and wanted proof, despite his doubt, God still gave him what he wanted, proof (John 20:24-29). When we doubt God, God is not going to curse or condemn us or start casting us out of His sight. Instead, He is going to help us and hand in hand He will guide us, on one condition, we need to realise that we need help. When we realise our need for God’s help it will then lead us to Him in prayer and a good example of this is the man in Mark 9:21-24. “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!” the boy’s father exclaimed and with that Jesus healed his son. This is how we can pray, asking God to help us overcome our unbelief. It can prevent us from laughing at God. I know that the next time before I laugh I need to be mindful of who I am laughing at because I (we) need to remember who God is and what He is capable of. The miracles that He did in the past can still happen today and in the future too, because God is able to do it again!

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