Yes, I’m not a poet and I don’t write good poems, but I do like this “popo” though (as I have titled it). I wrote it on the spot in one go. That’s why I’m pretty proud about it. I mean, I know it probably doesn’t abide to any of the poem writing rule and all… But what the hey. Besides, it rhymes! Now all I need is a rapper to make it come to life. Hmm, I’m thinking someone like TobyMac perhaps? Is he a rapper? Aaanyways… This “popo” was written when I was having one of those mind slash thought dumping moments. I wasn’t actually crying but I was thinking about another day when I did cry “as I stare at the window pane” in my bedroom. Staring or looking at my window is what I do when I am thinking, praying, talking to God, talking to myself, imagining, or anything that one does when he or she is alone. If I am not looking out the window, then I will either look at my blank computer screen, or have my head at a 45 degree angle staring at something else. But wherever I am looking does not matter. What matters is the mind dumping moment, or better still, the moment when I am talking to God. The moment when I am dumping my mind on Him. I do this because He listens (1 John 5:15), He cares and He wants it (Psalm 55:22, 1 Peter 5:7). Hence, the super short “popo”.


“His mercies are new every morning.” -Lamentations 3:22-23

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