About Me

Hi there, I’m Nikki Lee, I was born on the 24th of September 1992 and I’m an Australian-born Malaysian Chinese, and if you’re like me, you know that the good thing about Malaysia is the food (and shopping), and this is exactly what I really enjoy about Malaysia, the food. My favourite food is anything Hor Fun/Kuey Teow (Rice Noodle), but if I were to be very specific, the Ying Yong Kong Fu Chow (Combination Fried Noodle) or Ipoh Hor Fun (Chicken Rice Noodle Soup) is my fave! I also enjoy drinking the Malaysian Milo Ice (Iced Milo). Besides my enjoyment of the Malaysian food, I am a student, an aspiring author, blogger (I checked the dictionary app and yep, according to the description I can be classified as a blogger), and I hope to be a speaker one day. I have also written songs about my life experiences, which I will share soon, and finally, I am also a life-long patient to 10 different doctors at 5 different hospitals… 

About The Alagille’s Girl

The word ‘Alagille’s’ from the name of my blog url ‘thealagillesgirl’ comes from the name of my rare condition called ‘Alagille Syndrome’. I created this blog to share the story of my life –  throughout my almost 28 years of life my chronic illness has affected my liver, heart, bones, eyes and ears. It has also affected me in my confidence, faith, education, growth, learning pace and other areas too. But thanks to God, after years and years of being “under pressure” I am finally ready to share my story as a Christian patient, and although I still have many medical issues today I’m glad I can write and share my life and journey with you through this blog.

The Alagille’s Girl is a blog on hospital life, patient life and Christian life. So allow me to share some of my thoughts and tips on being a Christian patient.

About Alagille Syndrome

As I have mentioned earlier, my chronic sickness affects my liver (I had a liver transplant), my heart, my bones, my eyes and ears, because of this rare and complicated medical condition I have been a patient my whole life, and I have been in and out of the hospital countless of times… I’ve had countless of moments where I would ask God, “Why me?” and “Why was I born sick?”, but I’ve learned a lot, one of them is, the reason I have been allowed to have this life story is so that I can tell others (you) about the challenges I’ve faced and the things that I’ve learned along the way. So if you’d like to, stick around, read my story. =D 

Read more about Alagille Syndrome here

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