Don’t know if you noticed it on my, I don’tknow post, but I actually did give you some hints of who I “really” want to be. If you didn’t get the hint, don’t worry, because in this post, I will tell you………. 1) Speaker – my vision for this, is to travel round the world […]

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You see, I actually didn’t want to do this, revealing my heart’s desire for my future. Why? I didn’t want people thinking that I’m disillusion, crazy, being unreal and fantasizing on things that ain’t gonna happen. My dreams, I’ve always kept it to myself for years. Never told anyone, not a single soul and inside […]

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This post is mainly for my future self, I mean, not that it’s not for you to read, but the main reason I’m typing this, it’s because of my future self. I want my future self to look back at this post and know what my mission and vision was when I was in my […]

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For me, it’s………. This post is a continuation of the questions post, just in case you didn’t know or if you haven’t read it yet. But anyway, let’s begin here. As I was typing, for me, it’s a big fat yes! I’ve got some pretty big dreams inside my head. I’ve got my own thoughts […]

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“Who am I going to be? Will I get married? What am I doing? What’s the future going to be like? Am I on the right path? Why survive everything? Why am I still alive? There must be a reason right? How am I going to die? When will I pass away (yes, I do […]

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