Blue Days

Blue days are days that I dislike the most! I’ve had many of these days before and so one day while I was in it again I was inspired to make a big blue mess. And a big blue mess was exactly what I felt like on that day. I don’t know about anyone else […]

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Anaesthetic Posted on June 27, 2015 Welcome to the first post of the Hospital Stuff series! I was thinking, since I was and still am a patient of 4 different hospitals (it was more than four at one time) right now as we speak, I thought I would start a hospital series. So yeah! And, […]



Yep, you guessed it right! Another wonderful friend of mine left. At this point I was even more confused. And I had more questions to ask, “First Melanie, now Esther?? Really God, I don’t understand. You answered my prayer 2 times and now both my friend, left? This cannot happen. I need someone, someone that […]

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This happened this year… A few years ago, I told myself that I needed a person, a friend, someone that I can turn to, talk to, lean on to, look to, for help, for support, for encouragement, for… basically for anything! I was desperate for God to send me a special someone that I can […]

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I’m not the confident type. I’m never the one who believes in myself. While I genuinely trust God and sincerely believe that He is able to do anything for anyone, I’ve always, for the longest time, not believe anything’s possible when it came to me. For example, you, I believe that God can and will […]

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