Blue Days

Blue days are days that I dislike the most! I’ve had many of these days before and so one day while I was in it again I was inspired to make a big blue mess. And a big blue mess was exactly what I felt like on that day. I don’t know about anyone else […]

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Anaesthetic Posted on June 27, 2015 Welcome to the first post of the Hospital Stuff series! I was thinking, since I was and still am a patient of 4 different hospitals (it was more than four at one time) right now as we speak, I thought I would start a hospital series. So yeah! And, […]



Yep, you guessed it right! Another wonderful friend of mine left. At this point I was even more confused. And I had more questions to ask, “First Melanie, now Esther?? Really God, I don’t understand. You answered my prayer 2 times and now both my friend, left? This cannot happen. I need someone, someone that […]

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This happened this year… A few years ago, I told myself that I needed a person, a friend, someone that I can turn to, talk to, lean on to, look to, for help, for support, for encouragement, for… basically for anything! I was desperate for God to send me a special someone that I can […]

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……….and I was looking at this piece of paper that she gave me. My mind was very busy! I was thinking of praying too, but on the other hand I was thinking “nah, no point, nothing great will ever happen to you. Things will stay the same even if you talk to God”. This kept on […]

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