The next year (2005) at this same school, I wanted a friend, and I remember saying “Hi” to the girl that I was sitting next to on the first day of school. But the response from her wasn’t great. She just looked at me and that was about it. My heart sank, I was feeling […]



Yep, you guessed it right! Another wonderful friend of mine left. At this point I was even more confused. And I had more questions to ask, “First Melanie, now Esther?? Really God, I don’t understand. You answered my prayer 2 times and now both my friend, left? This cannot happen. I need someone, someone that […]

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This happened this year… A few years ago, I told myself that I needed a person, a friend, someone that I can turn to, talk to, lean on to, look to, for help, for support, for encouragement, for… basically for anything! I was desperate for God to send me a special someone that I can […]

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Now, I can express and explain more of my twenty one story in real life, but because I’m typing it here, there’s some things that I will miss out. It’s like when you read a book and when you watch the movie, they will both be a little different. You know what I mean right? For […]

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21 (PART 7)

Dear Tan family, Whilst I was writing my twenty one story, I realised that the photo above had an amazing meaning to it. Like, I never realised it, never, only until a few days ago my eyes were opened. One Sunday, everyone was given that piece of paper that’s shaped like a person, and I […]

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21 (PART 6)

As we were driving pass the huge, “Wicked The Musical” poster, I remember thinking to myself, “I really, really want to see this! Too bad I have no friends to go with and no money to afford it.” This was back in 2008. I was really down and especially the fact that, once again I […]

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21 (PART 5)

I wanted a friend, a Christian friend, that I could talk to, but at that time (2013) I had no one. This was just a thought, a wish, it wasn’t a prayer or anything. The next year came by, my dad suddenly told us that we’re going to try out, “this church that I valued” […]

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